March 15, 2006

They say..



They said "Will you be home end of this month?"
I said "I'm not sure.There's so many activities for each weekend".

I luv my mom's concern " Along, u'r thinner, and u look pale, make sure u take a glass of milk everyday".
Along said "ehehhe, am i getting slimmer?"

I love my daddy's stern advise"How's everything? When is ur exam?"
I said "Soon, very soon"

I love my brother's words " Hah, yalah, kejap lagi abg buat".
I said "Cepatlah, tlg along!!"

I love the way my sister's end our phone conversation, very cheerful; "Mmmuuuaaaahhh, I miss u along!!"
And i said " Miss u too, dear.Heheh"..

As a conclusion,
I love my family..
I should rephrase it..
I love and miss my family badly...
I'm gonna go home this weekend. Insya Allah..

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