July 31, 2008

Go straight, don't belok2

Assalamualaikum wbt

I have to settle something in UITM Shah Alam, this Monday. I asked my mom "Mama, its better for me to drive or to take a bus there?" Her answer "If I say yes, then I know, you are so eager to drive alone there, If I say no, you will eagerly plead me: alaa mama, bolehlaaa, hehe.."

Hehe, so I'll drive there. And I will stay at Zanna's house for a night, then we'll go to UITM Shah Alam, then have a journey to UKM Bangi (insya Allah).

I never had a chance in Selangor or KL (Its a no-no for me). Then I put my status in my YM: "Sape tau jalan dari serdang ke shah alam".

I got lot of responses..Ada tu "go straight don't belok2, yes no thank you". Hehehe, it was funny, but i really appreciate that. At least it brightens up my day. Papepun I really hope that I have a save journey and also a blessed journey.

Orang yang bermusafir ketika disapa oleh malaikat "Ke manakah kamu ingin pergi?" Aku hanya ingin bertanya khabar sahabatku" Lantas terus diberi rahmat oleh Allah swt. Moga perjalananku ini kan diberi ganjaran sebegitu..Amin...

PS :Is it a hadith? If it is a hadith,can someone help with the correct sanad and matan?Jzkk :)


fizah said...

smoga dipermudahkn perjalanan ukhti :)

diyana said...

amin :)