July 02, 2008

Boycotting politics -Isn't it great?


Ezam masuk BN balik - Pening...Ikut hang laa
Tun Dr. Mahathir keluar UMNO - Nnti Tun nak masuk mana plak?
SAPP hantar bantahan tak percaya kat Pak Lah - Buat kat semua menteri la..haha
DSAI kena tuduh liwat - Banyaknyelah saksi yang adil dan amanah ya, sekarang ni..
Minyak naik..makin naik..MyVi 1.3 cc full tank = RM95 - sebulan nak dekat RM200..jom ramai-ramai naik basikal gi tempat kerja..

Pening..confuse..sooo fed-up! Thinking of boycotting these politic issues for a while..Thank you Marina Mahathir for saying it LOUD!

Toxic Shock Syndrome by Marina Mahathir


hiten mitsurugi said...

boycotting politics far more not improvive anything..

abandone politic is like abandone yor parents..

boycott politic is like boycott islam itself..

even Rasulullah saw said that whoever not concern of his ummah, is not certify to be his follower..

then which one would you choose?

p/s: right me if i'm wrong..

Diyana said...

hmm, i understand that islam is the way of life, and it involves politics..boycotting politics means tat i deny one part of the deen..

i'm now in a nowhere status.. i don't really understand what actually happens in malaysia..thus, i'm not boycotting politics forever..i need some reading to know what actually happen..

boycotting here in my context is. i dun wanna discuss any political issues at the moment..and maybe i'm not really into politics, i can't think like a politicians

so, i'll nerver boycott politics as a whole. I still know the progression of Palestin politics, but Malaysia, I am tired a lil bit at the moment.

So gimme some time :)..SOME not FOREVER :)

hiten mitsurugi said...

wowowo.. don take it seriously.. erm, sorry if sound like scolding. i not mean it..

its true our current politic is a lil bit messy. sumtimes politic really shocks us for a few days.. but we must know if in politic, it is a normal situation. politician can't afford to stand still, they must move to appear or strategy and not sitting or quiet..

when we involve in politic, that means we declare war to the opponent/enemy.. politic itself is a battlefield. even deep inside our heart hav a war between iman (haq)and batil.. and of course at a real world, thay called it holy war (jihad)..

So no need to feel so down or depressed.

lebih banyak kita berpolitik, lebih banyak kita kena kuatkan tarbiyah dalaman diri. sifirnya, jangan tinggalkan tarbiyah..

p/s: so dah bleh masak asam pedas?? huhu, itu masakan jati diri orang negeri melaka.. guna daun limau tau, jgn guna daun kesung. masak asam guna daung kesung adlah masak asam orang johor.. owh, memasak is the best way to slipped out from politic.. trust me..

diyana said...

at last out of politcs..
eh, kitchen politics hehe

segannya org lelaki yg ajor masak..aduss..

adi_fimiyun said...

For me it is not about boycotting politic.

It is about boycotting those politician which has made us,who does understand the truth of politic,become tired of these issues.

In Political Brain, written by Drew Westen, it is a clear cut which strategy that you have to rely on to conquer those part, and which emotional button that you need to trigger to swing your opponents' supporter.

In Malaysia, especially the Malay, their political culture is going nowhere. Maybe this is the assimilation of those practice by Karl Mark, Lenin, Socrates, Attaturk and so on.

Luckily we have PAS that stand by their Islamic principle in Article 5 of their constitution, without them, Malay politic will be buried in his own homeland.

We have to make away this kind of, what i would love to say as the "Malay orthodox of political scheme".

Let the young decide and insyaAllah we will drive our nation to best.

Is it?

diyana said...


thank you hiten and adi for a great comments. i really appreciate your point of views..

I have to admit, politics is my weakness. I can't understand their thinking, and I can't even say a word about these political issues..

Thank you to you both for correcting my percepetion of this issue 'boycotting politics'.

May Allah show us the real path, including in this political issues

Again and again thank you to u both :)

Aish said...

haha kak.i understand how u feel.me too,sometimes it feels like i want to throw up.

hey,why dont u be a politician and run this country properly.haha.the way i see it,the 'muslim' malays are tearing themselves up,while the non muslim are watching us eagerly n laugh at our own stupidity.

im waithing for those malay politicians to stop bashing and humiliating each other,stop behaving like kids.u all have a country to run,men!duh!

diyana said...

dearie.. i really miss ur hilarious comments sometimes..hehe..no offense eh dearie?

akak? to be a politician? hehe..out of my list! I ant even think how to do a 'perang saraf', camne nak jd politician? hmm cukuplah akak jd academician je kot :)

hm, i agree wiv u. Malay are fighting each other and the Non Malay are laughing..Hmm, well..well..apa kata kita salafian ni yg jd politican nk? kita start dgn DR MAZA dulu.heheh ..kidding kiddo! :p