July 25, 2008

A typical Venusian,Me!


My UKM dental collegue asked me to join UKM as a trainee but they only offer oral biology, prosthodontics and also periodontics (uhhh uhh..I'm sick with those specialities), and at the same time she asked me to accompany her to join any unis as she doesn't want to be posted in Kedah (gosh, do i have to sacrifice just to accompany her..huhuhu), then, a friend of mine said, "once you join KKM, KKM will never easily let you go". And now I can see her reason, why is she pushing me so eagerly to join any unis now. Hmm, so which one is which?

And then,I realized I lost my HP and my handy drive when I was at home from the UKM-Melaka journey, then I have to decide, either to terminate my celcom number or to retain it as I have two handphones to be cared off, then I called my Nisa' fren informing her that I will only use one number, that is Maxis, then I have to decide again, "uh uh..am I doing the right thing?". I surfed the websites comparing the rate, and the conclusion here is, MAXIS is much more cheaper (postpaid), but her words keep uttering in my brain "Hmm, tapi Maxis kan CEO nya bukan orang Islam?"..Hmm, so which one is which?

Another decision to be made. I bought a ticket to KB, to settle my handpiece thingy. We planned to settle together. But she had to cancel the trip. Its ok, I understand her condition. But me again, going there alone (like I never did before!), should I go, should I not? Yalah, I dont really want to spend two days just for a handpiece! Its better to stay at home, enjoying House MD Seoason 4, waiting eagerly for hours while I do some cooking or flipping through my Prosthodontics books (hehe, flipping through je eh, masuk otak tak?)

Now I realized, I am a true Venusian. Venusian doesn't like to make a decision, even for herself! :)

Ps : As Venusians talk about their feelings and their day, they find the solutions. Yeah, I have made my mind, I am now more cherished and I am motivated to do anything when I am cherished. I am a typical Venusian :)

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