September 12, 2008


"So happy to hear from you. It does not matter where you are posted to, enjoy your 1st stint in dentistry and show you are the best.My warmest regards to you all" Dr. Azizah Yusuff's sms

I called Dr Azizah (my mentor), Dr Roselinda, En. Azahal and En Rahman yesterday. Dr Azizah as usual, the motherly-yet-stern doctor was so excited of getting the news that 14 of us will be posted to Sarawak. I remembered she advised me to read a lot anything to do with Oral Health.Hehe, mesti Dr ingat macam mana laa jawapan saya waku OSCE ya, Dr? :)

Then I called En Azahal and En Rahman, two technologists who are so dedicated and perfectionist persons, but they really teach me a lot. I remembered, I have to do mounting 7 times before I can send the denture for him to do setting and waxing of the artificial denture. What a perfectionist, but at least I know dentistry deals with art, and it deals with perfection. En Azahal's response " Hahahaha, Diyana dapat Sarawak? Ish boleh ke ni? Nanti jangan minta saya bend kan wire untuk awak tau? Hmm, nanti respect staff awak, buat kerja molek-molek, nanti kalau nak balik semenanjung, pakat-pakat naik Mas, sebab dia boleh bagi murah kalau in group". En Rahman, Mr Funny-Guy "Diyana, Mek Na!Hehe, gurau je. Nanti jangan lupa simpan duit banyak-banyak ya? Buat keje molek-molek""En Rahman, ni!Hmm, nak pesan pape tak? Kek Sarawak? Setty kayu? Hehe".

Dr Roselinda didn't reply my sms, maybe she had on calls. But these honest and humble request from all of them will be remembered. Thank you to everybody. I am eager to explore anything exciting there!

Selamat bekerja kawan-kawan.Seeru 'ala barakatillah :)


fadezek said...

Akak,definitely im sure u’ll enjoy ur posting in Sarawak.InshaAllah..good luck doc!

aish said...

yeah yeah yeah...just 1 advice.when u have patients like me be gentle and dont raise ur voice..or else they will 'sumpit' u and u'll live with nightmares for years.keh keh keh..

aish said...
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aish said...
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Poison Ivy said...
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diyana sharifudin said...

thank you to both of you my lovely sisters ( n yet my ngada-ngada adiks :p)

hm, aish, actually sometimes da dr has to raise her voice to her patient if her patient is soooooo 'ngada-ngada', hehehehe :D. But dont worry dear, insya Allah akak cuba treat patient just like how I want to be to treated right?

Fadezek, tlg tgk2kan adik akak yg sorg ni ya? Especially her TMJ prob. And Aish plz refer yourself to the specialist clinic bout ur TMJ prob. Im sorry i really forgot to refer u to da specialist. Is it ok now? If you want it to be referred, I ve to write sth in your folder, then Ive to get a signature from the head of matron, then Ive to give the flder to the dr, then only you'll be treated. Can you ask my frens' help? Kak atikah, kak sanisah, kak ija, Kak are. N those final year students. I think they are willing to help. But please, be punctual.hehe dentist hates unpuctual ones, hehehe..Loosing money each seconds maaa. (mcm la akak ni punctual sgt, kikiki).

Hmm pjg plak komen i utk aish ni. Aish, fadezek, thank you for being such a great adik-adik (although mngada-ngada :P). Thank you for sharing your salafians knowledge to me. Thank you for accompanying me, Thank you for your courage and your support. Thank you, xie2, syukran, arigato gaozaimasu! Love ya fillah

Send my regards to teletubby, kekunang, semut-semut, and everybody

Jgn lupa inform akak psl konvensyen sunnah ya? Ad janji akak yg x ttunai lg :)

diyana sharifudin said...

juz realize some grammar mistakes..huhu..

fadezek said...

akak ble dah stat kije jgn lupa cter..semenanya,dah lama sy pikir nak mintak borneo.dengar cter,skill HO dorang mantap n blajar kali cakap mak asyik pujuk duk ganu je...heh

aish said...

my tmj prob is on n off.currently off.when it's on,most of the time i just need a massage.that day it was painful more than usual,went to clinic n was referred to ORL.but defaulted.hehehe..malehla nak sibuk2 dah dgn my tmj ni..biar je le..lagipun i guess u are the only dental student who would consider treating me.heh.

hm..based on my experience, it's not me who wasnt punctual,it's the dentist-to-be-but-now-dentist who used to treat me yg lambat settlekan patient sebelum aish.u know very well who she is.hahaha

alah kak..bukannya ngada2 sgt pun..mengeratkan silaturrahim je.haa now although u are far from me but i know deep down u miss my ngada2.uiks perasan la pulak..

janji?dont worry,akan ku tuntut sampai dapat!! ^_^

diyana sharifudin said...

to fadezek,
hmm, akak dr dulu akak amalkan, "Ya Allah kurniakan apa-apa yg terbaik utkku dan jadikan aku benar2 redha denga ketentuanMu". Akak x brani nk persuade adik2 utk applu borneo. Apapun akak suggest bnykkn istikharan n solat hajat especially nk mntk mana nnti. Akak hr tu kurang solat hjt n istikharah,juz a musyawarah dgn parents (tp dr musyawarah pun bleh dpt berkat kn). Hmm lg satu fadezek, penting sgt kita ikut apa yg parents kita nak. mcm akak ni swak, is out of my list, mak akak suruh akak appeal , tp akak x tau mcmna nk appeal, so akak tpaksa rela kerja kat sana. Mak akak memang tgh bsedih sangat skrg, akak hrp i'll brighten her days, but sometimes reality is not nice.

To aish,
im sorry for making u waiting so long. Hmm, im really sorry that i cant treat u well my dear. Actually im not talking bout me, im talking bout most dentsts :)
Aish, if the TMJ prob realy bugs u, please consult the specialist k?
Hmm, actually my dearie adik-adik ni bukan ngada-ngada, cuma terlalu manja :)
Take care my dearie. Of all sudden, I think I want to cry. But I cant cry loud, as I am so determine to go there. Ya Allah, jika ini ketentuanMu, mudahkanlah segalanya....