June 24, 2006

The High tech machine


Dear friends,
Do we realized that human being is a very HIGH TECH and INTERCONNECTED and COMPLEXED, yet it is a very MAGNIFICENT MACHINE?
Will ya agree?

Do we really know our heart?
Do we know that our heart is just a lil bit larger than a clenched fist?
So small, huh?
But do we know that, that tiny machine really play an important role in our daily life?
Do we know, it pumps the blood to all another machines in your body?
Do we know, it pumps 80 beats per minute, and it works faster than a second!!
80 bpm x 60 minutes(1 hour)=4800
4800bpm x 24 hours =115,200
115, 200 x 7 days =806,400
In a week, it beats 806, 400 beats!!
With no rechargeable battery, with no extra generator!!
And it never stops till the end of our life!!
And it never fails provide the blood..
What a great machine, huh?

And do you know that,
When blood is pumped out from the heart,
It has to take a long and difficult journey thru out your body?
And we never realized,
Along the journey, the blood travel the hazardous path,
with no sign boards, no direction,
no traffic lights, but there’s no traffic jam
and there’s no misleading..
we don’t even see that, although its in our body

That’s only 2 minor machines in our body,
there’s a lot more, if u wanna know,
the immune machine to combat your external enemies,
It has army...the neutrophil, the macrophages..the antibody
they never with each other..
but they combat external and internal enemies..
They are the best defense ministry

our brain as a mastermind to plan all those aggressive measurement.
our lungs to fuel the oxygen to your body,
our kidney to illuminate the betrayal in your body
and so forth so forth….

Dear friends,
we might realize this, we might be not..
we are magnificent,
our Creator is much Magnificent than you,
instead we ignore Him.
We are arrogant, aren’t we?


BalQis said...

We can't deny this, yet sometimes we forgot, yeah...that we're just a tiny liny small servant compare to Him! may Allah guide our Iman, InsyaAllah!

diyana said...

Ya Allah guide us ..

teringat doa nabi sulaiman as..
"Ya Allah kurniakanlah kepadaku keazaman untuk mensyukuri nikmatMu dan kurniakanlah kepadaku amalan soleh yg Engkau redhai dan golongkanlah kami dlm rahmatMu bersama org yg soleh..

Enti dah bis xm?