October 02, 2008

Taqabballahu minna waminkum (revisited)

Sunnah Nabi s.a.w adalah sebagaimana yang diceritakan oleh al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar al-'Asqalani r.h yang dinukilkan daripada Jubair bin Nufair r.a katanya:

“Apabila para sahabat Rasulullah s.a.w bertemu di hari raya, sebahagian mereka mengucapkan kepada yang lain ‘taqabbalullah minna waminka’ (Semoga Allah menerimaamalan kami dan amalanmu).” – Rujuk Fath al-Bari, al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar al-'Asqalani, , jil. 5, ms. 270-271. Menurut beliau hadis ini berstatus hasan.

Assalamualaikum. Salam aidilfitri, maaf zahir batin daripada kami sekeluarga 2 weeks being here in Sarawak, the place I called 'alienated world', I think I am getting to like Kuching. I just hope, that Allah will ease everything here. I have tasks to be done, and I am figuring out how can I spread the beauty of Islam here. Lord, please guide us through out this journey.

Being here for 2 weeks, and celebrating hari raya here is a very new experience. When takbir is loud, the more heartbroken I am, but surprisingly, I don't cry. I called my big family in Ulu Yam, and they conveyed their best wishes to me. Thank you, everybody.

I promised a junior to update about Sarawak. As this is still the festive season, I will tell a little bit about how Muslim celebrate eid mubarak here. Each house will serve carbonated drinks and also kek lapis (yikes, soooo much of sugar maa, so high risk for decayed teeth.ehe). If a house serve a cordial drink, you can make a brilliant guess, he is from Semenanjung. They will wear the most beautiful or the best 'baju raya' until the 3rd day, and you can see the gentlemen gorgeously wearing 'baju melayu' and 'sampin' until the 7th raya which is very rare to be seen in Semenanjung! Thus credit to them for practising the sunnah.
"Aku lebih menyukai seseorang memakai pakaian terbaik yang dimilikinya pada hari-hari raya, iaitu pada hari Jumaat, dua hari raya (Aidiladha dan Aidilfitri) dan tempat diadakan majlis (seperti majlis perkahwinan). Dia hendaklah memakai baju yang bersih dan memakai wangi-wangian." – Rujuk Ringkasan Kitab Al-Umm, Imam al-Syafi’I, jil. 1, ms. 327.

Public transportation is not as good as in Semenanjung, and the roads are not as smooth as in Semenanjung, in certain areas like Kapit, we still have to use the boats, because of the unavalaible land road there, but please never underestimate Sarawak. Kuching, is quite developed, it is like Ipoh, with the biggest shopping mall, is The Spring which is equal to Mahkota Parade in Melaka, or KB Mall in Kelantan, but there are no Mydins or Tescos here. Some goods are more expensive then in Semenanjung, syampoos, conditioner, toner, cleanser, moisturizer, hmm not to forget FOOD! Thank you to my cute-yet-macho-and-brave sweetheart, MBP6191 for being here. You are just as brave as I am, to face the Noth China Sea (aha..exaggerating, eh??:p)

Working here, hmm, I am not very sure about my medical colleque. I am now in Hospital Umum Sarawak where it is fully equipped with the latest dental technologies. Working is different from your study. During your study you can say"Dr, I cant extract the tooth! Please help me", but now you have to do your own thinking, your own decision, your own analyzing in each cases that you encounter. There are specialists to help you, but where's your own responbilities in each patients that you treat? So, as Muslim Doctor, be knowledgable, be responsbile, and what matters most is put Taqwa in everything. Just remember, you are His slave, and you will be asked every single thing you did in this temporary world. Besides, you are dealing with the best of His creation, with complete package or emotions, 'aqal, and everything else that you have to consider.
There are zillion interesting cases I learnt during these two weeks. Most of our patients are referred from our medical part, a medical compromise patients, patient with congenital defect, patient with malignant cancer etc ( who said dental deals with oral only eh??). We will have combined clinic with ENTs, plastic surgeons, oncologist, pathologists every fortnight. Hmm, quite interesting! But in term of hands on, I think, mine is less compared to my friend in Semenanjung. Maybe in Kota Samarahan, I will gain lots of experience. Dear my dearie Junior, I will ask my medical friend about gaining experience in Sarawak. Please remind me, honey :)

Well, It is all about hablum minannaas. You have to deal with a so called 'political office'. A staff will tell you about another staff, and another staff will step back the other and it goes around. Again, the concept of Taqwa is here. Remember, each single words that you spread will be asked, besides do you dare to eat your own's relative flesh? Aha, yikes!

1.50 am, during the second hari raya. I got on-call just now. (it is not on-call but tagging, but I dont know how to explain about this tagging). "Ani, please pray to your Lord. I am here only to help. I cant do much, but your Lord will do". Guess who said that? A senior DO, who is beleiving his Buddha teachings.

How about us Muslim Doctors or any future-to-be doctors? Can we install the concept of God the Almighty, Allah is the Only God in our patients heart?
Insya Allah,I will update later. With broadband you can surf anywhere whenever you want although you are heading to Gunung Santubong! Hehehe :D
Moga Ramadhan yang lalu benar-benar mampu diistiaqamahkan. Ya Allah permudahkanlah..

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