June 13, 2008

its holiday mood :)

The medical specialty for you is.... Pathology

Pathology is the best of all specialties. A pathologist is a doctor who knows everything and does everything, but it's too late. As a pathologist, you will not only be able to avoid patients, but also nearly all living human contact. You'll find yourself bringing your microscope to the beach with you. But you will have the most humorous anecdotes to tell people when you get invited to parties. That is, if you get invited to parties.

To find out what your specialty best fits your unique personality, go to:

What Medical Specialty Is For You?



Hehe, I'm a dentist maa..Hmm, pathologist will never suit me, because I hate histology so much..(acantholysis, bizarre mitotic figures, rete pegs, keratin pearl what so ever!)

Hmm, well..well...Pathologist eh? Hmm, the least of my list.

Dear Kak Dr AA, what are you up to? pathologist like me too? Hehe.(hmm, naik gunung tu elok-elok..jgn sampai salah org lg :p)

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