June 24, 2008

Hmm, well..well

assalamualaikum wbt

Hmm, lately my 'best friends' keep on asking me : "Aha, Diyana, aku datang ni aku nak rasa masak lemak cili api ko!". A cousin said :" Sambal udang petai, make sure lagi sedap dari saya punya tau?'

Adus...Frankly speaking dearie, I am an amateur in this cookin field. If you wanna a pro to cook for you, I have to call my mom, my mak long, and also my grandmom. Me? You guys need to give me ample time to brush this skill.

Hmm, sometimes, frankly speaking, I am a little bit disappointed when a man blames a woman for not knowing how to cook. Yelah, kena jaga perut depa untuk diorang sayang kita...Yelah what ever reasons behind it! I know as a woman, I have to really care for my husband and my kids, what they eat is what they are right. Tak kanlah asik nak makan luar je, mana nak rasa air tangan isteri, mak kan? Hmm, ye..ye...We are working hard on that..

They can blame us, but are they willing to change their habits like smoking, lazy etc. Can they really be an Imam in the family? Huh. guys, answer this ok, while we will do our part, insya Allah.

Hmm,being a 3 weeks 'housewife', I can say that, being a housewife is so tiring and yet deep down inside your heart you are happy and willing to do that. BAHAGIA, that's the word! You have to wake up early in the morning, perform two rakaah solah, then prepare a breakfast for the whole family, then perform subh solah,then you have to wash the cloth, then sweep the floor then mop it, then dry your linen, then clean all the dishes, then think again what do you want to cook for lunch, then cooking will take place, then you have to clean up the kitchen, then keep all your linen in your wardrobe, then you have to take care the garden...Hmm and the cycle will be continuously continue. Frankly speaking, if you are not patience enough, this task is tiring and boring. Maybe, that's why Islam put a high remark for a Muslimah who really concern about their household. The remark goes to their patience and their passion. You are being rewarded as a jihad just by doing this house chores (hmm plus for being loyal and obeying your God and your husband).

I remembered talking to a dearer friend of mine. "Sya, what is your plan in the future?" "Hmm, I am thinking of being a full time housewife.. You know right Diyana, it is our nature..It is fitrah.."
I was once too, thinking about being a full time housewife. But after this economy crisis, I think the women's role as a co-supporter in financial can't be neglected. So how, to be a full time housewife, or to be Muslimah Professional? (I am aiming for being a lecturer, as I know that being a Muslimah lecturer in this field is also important for this century)

Hmm, I do not know what lies ahead. I hope He will guide me in everything.

Alhamdulillah, I have finished reading two recommended books by Ustaz Hasrizal; Aku Terima Nikahnya and also "Men are from Mars, and Women are From Venus". The conclusion here is, stop blaming the opposite sex for not making you happy. But it will be happier for both of the gender, if they are willing to give more rather than accepting more. K dear my sahabat fillah out there, live life to the fullest with Ilm, Amal, Ikhlas, because, these are the assets for us in the DAY AFTER..

Lord, please guide us to the straight path...

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