February 05, 2008

final decision

assalamualaikum wbt

Saya nekad untuk meninggalkan friendster. Tadi seorang teman bertanya " What makes you so sure to say goodbye to friendster?" Saya jawab " Have you visited my blog?" And the friend answered, " Hehehe.. " with a very big grin.

Saya tidak tahu keputusan ini benar atau tidak. Sekiranya benar, saya mohon dariNya keberkatan dalam keputusan ini, sekiranya salah, saya mohon agar Dia berikan saya petunjuk.

After considering the pros and cons, I decided to quit friendster.
And then someone asked me " Don't you think you are being selfish? You are trying to preserve your imaan, but you didn't want to preserve your friends imaan?" Gulp. I felt a pank in my face. But then I realized, it is not me that will decide who's imaan will be preserved, who's not. I am doing my part : the daie part. But there are many options to be considered rite? Blog, emels, YM, online usrah etc, visiting your premier schools, handling programs with your juniors and the list shall continue, isn't it?

Frankly speaking, I left friendster with doubts in my heart. Am I doing the right decision, am I not? Before deciding, I viewed some of my closest sahabiah page, how did they convey Islam by friendster? Most of them alhamdulillah, they build the silaturrahim with their friends, they convey messages with the uploaded pics, they put nasyeeds in their page. Alhamdulillah, in term of da'wah, I think they deserve to get a reward from HIM, insya allah. May Allah bestow you with HIS rahmah

And I viewed some of my closest sahabiah page also. At first they are very consistent with da'wah. All of the testimonials are Islamic messages, but it was not consistent. The testimonials are for fun, the testimonials contains some lagha messages.

Frankly speaking, there are some friends, sahabat, sahabiah, that I really concern, love, and care. Those special individuals are those whom I viewed their profile daily. Does that mean, that by not viewing their profile I will not concern about them anymore?

I hope it is a wise decision. But the 'unwise' decision I made was to quit friendster when I did not even have their contact numbers, YM Id at least.Hehe..have to admit that silly mistake ;)..Hmm, my dear friends if you are reading this article accidentally, please add me in your YM : gext106 :)

Thank you for your advices. Thank you for your concern. Thank you for everyhting. I'll pray that His guidance will always be with us.

With regards
Nurul Diyana Sharifudin


Anonymous said...


The article about quitting friendster is very nice. Esp. this sentence:

"OO Lord I spent my times for friendster, that connects me with millions people"

Hehe..Making priorities and managing time is the key of this, not only friendster, even email/chat (y!m) can be a time waste.


DIYANA said...

tq..due to improper time management i decided to quit fs..but maybe someday, sometime, i'll register wiv fs again..yalah to announce my walimah, nk ke hajj ke etc.hehe.nway tq for ur advice :).. i won't persuade anybody to quit fs..its up to everybody..:)