November 22, 2005

aru you stress? don't be!!


Lately, I was so stress with the coming exam. And as the tense arouse, I felt something must be lacking inside of me. The inner side of me lacks something very important as a Moslem. Lacking if iman, and patience I guess? And, yesterday my eyes caught something, a very simple note on my friend’s desk, yet, a very important message must be convey.

Orang yg TAK KAN stress!!
menjaga solatnya
orang yang suka bersedekah
orang yg percaya akan Hari Qiamat
orang takutkan azab Allah
orang yg amanah terhadap janjinya

RUJUKAN: Al Maarij: 19-31.

As my eyes caught that simple note, I felt a spank deep inside of my heart. I wonder, I call myself as Moslem, and yet why must I let that exam ruins my iman? Is that because of physically I perform my prayer, but spiritually, I was somewhere else? Or is that because of I believe in The Day After, but I do nothing to gain His Jannah? Or is that because I fear of our Lord’s doom, but I still do anything that can ‘hijjab’ me to gain His blessings? Or I promise a word to anyone, but I don’t even care the broken promises? Then I realized, the answer for above questions is : YES.
Yes, I pray, but I never convey my prayer with honesty
Yes, I do believe in the Day of Judgment, yet, I still do some unnecessary things
Yes, I do fear of His doom, but I still do some bad things
Yes, do promise to my friends, to my brother and my sister, and to anyone,but I USUALLY broke the promises.

Aduhai, lemahnya iman….
That’s for today. A simple tazkirah, but I hope it can contribute something for our iman..

Hah, dah abis bacakan? Sori, for broken English,I’m trying to brush up my English. Erm, I have a homework for you guys, lepas baca posting ni, terus amik tafsir al quran, baca dan hayati Kalam Allah dengan ingatan yg tak berbelah bagi kepada Allah Baca, hayati, dan serapkan dalam jiwa sedalam mungkin. dan Insya Allah, kita akan jadi orang yg tenang, di bawah redhaNya….Don't forget your homework!!

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