April 20, 2006


I've juz finished my exam...Wat can i say? Alhamdulillah..MEQ alhamdulillah, MCQ tough!! and osce moderate... Alhamdulillah, Allah Ma'ana..

There was a video session in one of the station in OSCE, about seizure(epilepsy) or better known as 'sawan'. Do you know what 'sawan' is? Let me refer sawan as seizure(as it better to hear seizure rather than sawan). Seizure is a manifestation of sudden and excessive abnormal conduction (abnormal activity) in our brain. It can occur to everyone, but the risk factors are infection, head injury, a tumor in your brain etc..

Hmm, i juz wanna highlight sumthing with this issue. 'Sawan' is not a devil disease. There's a rumors, or a paranoid thought among Malaysian, especially Malays (read Moslems). I usually hear tat, "Dia kena sampuk", "Dia x baik sangat perangai dia, patutlah kena sawan"...She was being possesed and she is not good, that's why she got the attack..

Astaghfirullah al azheem..
Dear friends, dear my moslem friends, we don't have the rights to say this fellow is good, this fellow is devil. We don't have the rights!! Allah will determine who's good, who's bad. This is not about paranoid thingking, but it is all about our AQIDAH!! AQIDAH is the bonding of us and ALLAH, AL KHALIQ of everything...

So, dear friends, please... accept people as they are.. Don't ever judge people with their outside looks..As we're Moslems, we're brothers and sisters...

"tiada yang dapat menurunkan mudharat melainkan ALLAH, dan tiada yan dapat menghilangkan mudharat melainkan ALLAH. ANdai ada kegembiraan,DIA juga yg menjadikannya.Tiada suatu pun yg dapat menghalangnya dari berlaku ke atas kita, walau kita berlari mendapatkannya atau menjauhinya"..

Allahu 'alam..

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