October 21, 2010


Assalamualaikum wbt,
A very long silence from me. But that doesn't mean I am quitting.Sometimes, we just have to take a step backward and look from a different path and/or perspective. It is either only beneficial things came out from our mouth or keep quiet when there are no better words to voice them out.That's what our prophet Muhammad PBUH told us.

Lately I've been reading blogs from my muslim brotherhood and sisterhood from abroad, and I can say, they really showed good example being a muslim, though they are the minority. Insya Allah, my short term planning is to go abroad, for few years (or maybe migrating there, depends on hub's career development), not to gain fame, or wealth, but to see new horizon befriending with minority muslim there. Insya Allah! I'm impressed with how positive they are, how they survived although others had prejudice on them. And how willingly they commit to sunnah, how open they are for discussions, yet very intellectual and professional. But one thing I can conclude is : to be positive is our choice, and they chose to be positive.

Hadith Ibn Umar Radhiyallahu ‘anhuma, “Seorang mukmin yang bergaul dengan orang ramai dan bersabar di atas kesakitan yang timbul akibat pergaulan itu, adalah lebih baik daripada seorang mukin yang tidak bercampur gaul dengan orang ramai dan tidak sabar di atas kesakitan akibat pergaulan itu” (Al-Tirmidhi 2507, Ibn Majah 4032)

Tired and exhausted working with people?  Try to isolate yourself just for 2 weeks, and you will see, that life is horrendous.  No one to remind you, no one to celebrate your joy, no one to lend their shoulder for your grievances, and no one to navigate you which path should  you take. Sound interesting? Bak kata orang, hidup seorang lagi best!

Hm, that's not the truth. Full stop.
But sometimes,listening to non-stop complains, backbitings, selfishness, negative thoughts, make myself wonder : do they choose to be the constant complainer? Or didn't they try to open their eyes, just for a second, and find other alternatives?

Eg : 90days of maternity leaves. Ok, for me that's good enough, though it has some cons (by the way, name me one decision in this world that have 100% pros without any cons?), and they blurted any words they want to use. Sigh. This was not the morale of any human being. This is just common sense.

I am a pro-government? Yes, I am, I am a good government servant, but I have my verdict whom should I vote, but to say any negative things without deep thinking is just not me!

"letih, tak dapat transfer".Dear, please stop complaining, because we have more than 1000 Semenajung people here, who's been working here for more than 5 years, and they did their best to be transferred. Please la stop complaining..

Am I losing the soft-hearted Nurul Diyana Sharifudin? No, but here I am, to say that Life is about what we choose (semestinya dengan izin dariNya, and Dia Maha Mengetahui segalanya). If we want to be positive, change your perception. Life itself is a full of surprises. Take it positively. If you need to take a step backward to look from different angle,take it, and make the wise decision. Ask constant help from HIM, The Almighty.

Muslim nowadays are lacking of quality. It is like bubbles in the sea, that's how Rasulullah SAW had described us. Pity, and ashame. But, with The Almighty's will, Islam and muslim (note : I use muslim instead of Muslim, because muslim is not just a name, but it is also an action) will rise, Insya Allah. But to be at the top of the world, where everything is according to what Al Quran and As Sunnah said, it needs US (we, you, and I) to put our determination to practice Islam accordingly. It needs US to dig our perception,and willing to accept the truth, it needs US to implement Islam in our basic daily life.

It needs US, and it needs US to change.May Allah grand us continous reward to implement Islam within ourselves, and to spread Islamic teaching (Islam is just not about solah, fasting, paying zakah, performing hajj), but is everything.

Finally : Hiduplah kamu dalam Islam sepenuhnya..


sapphire said...

Salam Diyana,
lama x update kan..suka baca blog nih..
nak pindah oversea ke? best nya.. i always dreaming of going out of malaysia one day haha..bukan sebab msia x best la kan..tp yer la..new place new experience kan.. :)

keep writing ok.. :)

Ummu Yazid said...

Salam :)
hm, I am not a good writer, tapi kalau ada kebaikan, ambillah :)

hm, maybe further study, insya Allah.masih dalam perancangan dengan husband. kalau belum berkesempatan, maybe subspecialist nanti :)

Hm, istikharah dulu sebelum buat keputusan besar ya? :)

Selamat maju jaya, fiddunya wa akhirah :D