April 12, 2007

How do you see yourself in ten years?

Assalamualaikum wbt

"Diyana, how do you see yourself in ten years?" My roomate asked me during lunch
"A wife to a husband, a mother to my kids, a daughter to a parents, a dentist to a patient..." smiling..
'Wow, you are a family woman!"
"Hmm.. and a slave.." i smiled sheepishly..

Yup, I'll be somebody in a ten years time. a wife to a husband, a mother to few kids, a dentist, Dr Nurul Diyana. (Insya Allah). But that's only a part of me. Myself, as always be a slave, is always a slave to the Almighty. A slave to my Creator, Allahu Rabb.

I could not predict what will happen to me in a ten-year time. I don't even know what will I be in the second..

My friends are eager to further their study, and being a specialist someday. That's what I am aiming for too. But, for me, being a very successful oral surgeon is only a part of mylife, and the percentage is only 1%. My patients will call me Dr Nurul Diyana,will give me respectful look when I treat them. Being oral surgeon, with a luxury income, with an imported car, with a big house,is that enough for me?

Is it enough to be called Doctor? My life will always be surrounded with ward, clinics, patients, on calls, big money, big coar etc? Is that really enough for me? Is that's all my contribution as a Moslem?

What will be, if i spend more time at clinics, but I left my family without a strong faith in their Creator, without a strong faith of the Dooms'day? Is that what da'wah means, when I left my kids are exposed to the 'jahiliyah' environment?

I will be somebody..And I will be somebody.I will always be His slave. That's how I see myself in ten years time and till the end of mylife...Insya Allah

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